11-30-16 by dave

It was a cold morning, with a lot of humidity in the air that cut right through the layers.  Still, the Sun was coming up, the air was still, and the snow was great, with some very nice corduroy on which to dial in some turns.  The off trail had begun to set up, which took a bit more punch to push through.  Here is a great shot that Neil took of the morning Sun hitting the peaks.  20161130_092132Traffic was super light, and it was great to make turns without the full court press putting pressure on the limited terrain.  I really felt like I could make some turns that I knew I had in me, and that made the runs fun and brisk.  At 11:30AM I got the first official Tram of the season with all the folks who had their ear to the rail and were on hand when the turnstile turned on.  There was a great vibe on the Tram and everyone was stoked to be getting to the peak for the goods that were waiting on the sides.  I took this shot of the Cirque as I was going up.  Looking PHAT!!dsc04090Some high clouds moved in later in the day, making the light a bit flat, but the detail was very good and Regulator was lots of fun.  I dialed in turns under the blazing Snow Guns where I found some nice Gun Powder laying long and smooth down the fall line.  Gots to love that dry smooth velvet.   Tomorrow, look more off the peak runs down Regulator.  I think the Peruvian Gulch is some days away.  Getting the full 3000′ in one run will put an entirely different pace to the runs.  I took a great shot of Gillian, who was visiting The Bird for the first time and I wanted to add it here, but my camera let me down and it did not register.  Hope you both had a great time for your visit.  I’ll get it next time!!  Dress for another cold morning.  Stay Frosty!!

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