11-29-16 by dave

More Exquisite Powder fell overnight that was real righteous Utah Light. There was a fair turnout of the Faithful for the occasion, but the Quad made short work of it and by the time I got back to the bottom, it was walk on easy.  This cycle started out a bit dense, but as the accumulation stacked up it became lighter and lighter making the powder as good as it ever gets.  Here is a shot I took of the lower section of Puckerbrush that the patrol had come down during their control work.  You can see it is just what we have been waiting for. dsc04086I was lucky to have got this shot during this very brief appearance of the Sun.  It is deep  and perfect.   A few new sections of terrain were opened today, which offered some excellent off trail sliding that was quickly consumed, but the left overs were still soft and fun.  It will be good to get these sections worked over to pack out the base and make for more consistent turns.  With dsc04077the brief breaks in the clouds, the light was doing some very cool things with the flurries still hanging in the air.  Here is a rainbow type Sun Dog glowing in the mist.  I had to scramble to get my camera out fast enough to get this.   The firm layer of previous days is all but gone with all the new snow, and the quality held up all day long as the clouds kept the Sun from heating the air.  Tomorrow, look for the Tram to open later in the morning, offering Regulator Johnson for the first time of the Season.  You know the snow is going to be great up there and there is plenty of it.  I was told it will open before Noon.  Yes!!!

dsc04064 While standing in the line for the morning’s festivities I got to see additional folks who are back to begin the daily partaking of the goodness.  Mr. Cage is one of the greats and gets as much out of the hill as he can every day.  Great to see him here in his full retirement mode.  It will be full on and pumpin’ all season long.  Don’t Skimp On The Groove Sauce!!!

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