12-08-15 by dave

That overnight rain left a light dusting on the hill for the morning crew to sample.  It was very warm at the base and there had been a rain event on the lower 800′ of the hill that made the lower section a bit entertaining.  Up high there was an inch of dense dust that gave some well deserved cushion to the ride.  It was that last bit that was tricky, but I found that if you hung to the smooth sections, that crust broke up and pealed off under the edge.  As the morning progressed, the consistency got better and better on both sides of the hill.  With the overcast skies, the light was flat and variable, but overall it was nice to have some new product to taste.  Here is a shot of Hoot, who was getting ready for a run down Regulator with his personal mascot Rocky along for the ride.  I know he had a great time as I spoke with him later in the day and he was getting all the goods in that he could find.  DSC03255During the morning Forklift Experience, I was introduced to Mikey, a future shredder who was getting his initiation in the Forklift Tradition.  He has a life of great times ahead with this kind of a start.  DSC03258Tomorrow, look for the hill to be worked over with machine work, continued overcast skies as this flow persists, and warm temps. as the cold is holding off for a bit.  The fat off trail sections are getting a lot of attention and look fairly well covered, but I have not ventured there for obvious reasons.  There remains some very tricky wind slab out and about, so stick with the prepared lines for best results. DSC03260 Lastly, here is a shot of two great friends Lori and Dan, who were working both sides of the hill with full attention to the details.  It was great trading notes on what we all found.  See you there for the first Boat.  Don’t Forget To SIZZLE!!

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