12-09-15 by dave

With persistent South winds continuing all day long, it is an indication that the weather is changing.  The forecast is for a series of impulses moving through for the next week.  Up on the hill, the Groomers were offering much more consistent lines with good traction top to bottom.  The Lower Men’s Down Hill Chute and Lower Chips Face were extra nice, with smooth dust and clean lines top to bottom.  Regulator was crispy, but an edge could be had on the nap of the corduroy.   Dr. Pepper made his first appearance for the Season, and I can look forward to some interesting conversations with him in the locker room.  DSC03261The Locker Room is such a great place where much information is passed from those arriving with those leaving.  The morning sessions are full of anticipation for the days events, and the extra time taken to finish the fresh brewed coffee is a nice tradition.  Here is a shot of Lilly and Ira, two very good friends, who were stoked to be getting out and experiencing the winds of change after I gave them a blow by blow evaluation of what they may expect out there.    DSC03262Tomorrow, look for weather to begin moving in for the duration.  Light and visibility could well be an issue.  Go with the Peruvian side of the hill for best visibility with the trees that reflect the light.  The main runs will still be firm, so plan on dealing with deliberate turns to keep the motion even and smooth in the variable light.  We will have to see what the wind brings, as you never really know until the fronts move through.  I will be there early for the first turns no matter what.IMG_7221-1  Here is a parting shot of little Mikey, who was stoked to be shredding today with his Dad.  You know he will be one to watch in a few years.  You can see he is really digging the snow.  IBBY!!

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