12-07-15 by dave

The light was flat this morning with the Sun having a very hard time burning through the cloud deck. At times I thought it would succeed but it did not quite.  The Groomers on the Peruvian side got a lot more consistent with yet another work over, making the top to bottom feel much nicer.  I was finding dry chalky corduroy and the carving was feeling sumptuous in some places.  The lower mountain was smooth and firm, and deliberate, well anticipated turns made the turns feel much more like the real thing.  While I was touring around I came across this cool little guy just minding his own business.  DSC01309It is raining here at the Trailer as I write this so, tomorrow, look for some small amount of accumulation for the morning session.  The forecast is for snow over an extended period, so perhaps the tide will turn.  Look for re worked machine lines on both sides of the hill.  Regulator has been very firm lately, and will continue to be so even with a bit of fresh.  The Peruvian gulch will be offering the most consistent lines  with the best visibility.  Still, be on the look out for little surprises to be out and about.  Thanks to the Mountain Crews for keeping the hill fun and fast.  See you for the early lines.  IBBY!!

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