2-13-12 by dave

There was a rush of folk for the first Tram this morning, pushing out the door and filling the maze, but the mountain was opening in rapid succession distributing the faithful out over the hill evenly, leaving the lines quick and easy after the first push.   Overnight,  fresh ultra light Essence fell filling in some of the aspects, but not really mitigating the rumble factor very much.   Powder Paradise opened quickly, offering some very nice lines where ever you chose, but the South and East facing seem to have escaped the wind that made the North facing aspects a touch on the wind slabby side.  With the new snow adding to the cover, I took a tour out the Cirque traverses to see what was up.  I found the middle section to require a very careful approach, as the bump pattern is angular, choppy, deeply troughed,  with rocks lurking in the shallow sections.  The West side seemed to have set up a bit since yesterday, so I opted for the Cirque, where the new snow was very nice indeed.  The Grooming was also excellent,


with the slick spots going away quickly.  I really did not hit any glaze on either side of the hill.  The forecast is for some more snow, but they say it is headed South, however, I am still expecting  greatness no matter how deep it is.  Some of the reefs are beginning to get covered over sufficiently, but expect there to be some vestiges of gnar to crop up here and there.  There is still a fair bit of medium amplitude rumble to deal with, so approach the lines with a grain of caution.   I was bounced around again today by some undercurrent, but I slowed down to absorb the ride with a minimum of aggravation.  Another great day ahead, so be there to partake of what we have been waiting for.  The hill is shaping up quickly.   IBBY!!!

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  1. Matt Ryan says:

    Hey Dave,

    Thanx for all your good efforts. See ya today, Matt

  2. jesboogie says:

    Headed your way for my annual visit, thanks for the updates..

    jesse d
    hollywood fl

  3. Great work once again! I am looking forward for your next post.

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