2-12-12 by dave

The morning Snowbird report called the accumulated Essence 3”, so the faithful rolled over in bed and said ” LATER”, leaving the hill to the excited faithful who showed up despite the  report.  They were treated to boot top depth on the peak, with areas in Mineral Basin sporting some knee deep sections.  What a surprise it was to have so much accumulation with so little pressure.  The bottom gnar was firmly in play with the medium density Essence doing little to buffer the rumble, causing me to bounce mercilessly through invisible bumps as I tried to deal with the very poor visibility.  I got a hot tip on a line in Mineral Basin, so I tried it out, only to find that the visibility, combined with the crusty bumps underneath, left me, again, struggling to maintain a direct line, which is essential when navigating Zero visibility.  You can be sure that I won’t be listening to that source again.  The Harbor Chop began to build up very quickly, considering the moderate traffic, but it was just too much for my knees to deal with, so I called it a day at Noon.   It is still snowing hard here at the Trailer, so check the road report first thing to make sure of the road access situation.  The new accumulation will go a long way to buffering the interference patterns after the product gets worked in with the traffic.  Sometimes, however, those hard interference patterns  create a strong template that maintains the pattern despite the additional accumulation, so keep that in mind when charging a known bump line that now looks smooth.   The forecast is for more snow tomorrow as well, so the conditions just moved to the other side of the bell curve, where we all dream of being.   See you there for the freshness in the AM.   Peace Out!!!

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  1. Rick Stalker says:

    nothing like unknown crusty’s to wake up the body and soul! (flights are booked for 3/9 arrival. It’s in dudes hands at this point!

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