2-14-12 by dave

The clinging storm clouds released their grip on the peak this morning, leaving the the Sun shining brightly.   The Groomers were as good as it gets, with the perfect combination of softness and a light covering of angle dust just to punctuate perfection.   Mineral Basin was awash in Sunshine, so that was the obvious call for the first runs of the morning.  By 10:30 AM. some clouds began to move over the hill, delivering knee deep killer fog that really tested the internal Universal Positioning System.  Anderson’s hill was just a guess for me as I groped my way into the murk, with not a reference point to be seen.  I was just glad I correctly guessed where the fall line was each time, because it was a toss up with each turn.   I made a hasty retreat to the Forklift Chair to avoid an unfortunate encounter with the Whoop Rule.  At 1:30 PM.  the clouds moved off for a bit, after dropping 1.5” of fresh frosting on the hill from a energetic impulse that came out of nowhere.   Untracked Groomers in Mineral Basin were left untouched after the clouds had obscured the lines, keeping folks from venturing into the abyss.  I can’t say as I blame them, but it worked for me as I lapped the lines, putting one track next to the other before it was all discovered.  It felt like 40” of Zero % washing over me with each turn.  YUMMMM!!!  Tomorrow, look for the Groomers to be , once again, off the charts perfect, with the off trail still soft overall.  The hard pack underneath the new accumulation only began to crop up very late in the day.  Entrances into the big chutes are still touch and go,  but these lines are getting better with each new installment.  Here is a shot of the Sun filtered by the foggy clouds.  One of the few times you can look directly at it.   See you in the AM!!  Ciao!!

Sun Rise

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  1. Fosheezy5 says:

    Whats the rest of this week and next week looking like as far as snow? Awesome post by the way!

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