2-15-12 by dave

The morning crew was treated to a rare occasion , with some of the lightest snow of the season deposited on the hill overnight.  There was fully 5” of  really perfect Essence on the Groomers that was as good as it gets.  It gets deeper, but it does not get better.   Mineral Basin was really socked in, but the crew made the zero visibility descent into the Paradisiacal section.   Once again, it was like having a private resort out there, with no one in sight, and the ability to put one line right next to the other.  So rare.   Usually there is a feeding frenzy when we get snow like this, but today offered fine dining with course after course of delightful sustenance,   Another great feature of the day was the isolated micro storm that was going off in Mineral Basin, depositing easily another 5 to 7 inches as the day progressed.  Needless to say I spent quite a bit of time back there.  Tomorrow, look for additional accumulation on the hill, as there were snow impulses all across the Valley, headed directly for the Canyon.   The mountain is really hitting it’s stride, with most of the serious hazards getting covered, entrances filling up, interference patterns softening up, and all the areas open.    Gad 2 is looking good, but there are high bump features to deal with, almost on every line.  There are some peripheral sections that still are smooth, but that is  tough to find.  More snow is in the forecast, so start making plans to get here as we move into the Snow Zone!.  Here is a shot of breaking trail late in the day.  You can see how deep it was getting.  See you there for first Tram.   IBBY!!!


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  1. Andrew says:

    Hi Dave, I enjoy your mountain updates. Am making my way over from NZ leaving for Salt Lake tomorrow. Am bringing a mate for his first ski trip abroad. This will be my 4th visit in the last 6 years. Am staying until approx 8th or 9th March but am a bit worried about lack of snow this trip. The big dumps just do not seem to want to come. I noticed you mentioned the mountain is in good shape which is good but cannot see snow of any quantity coming in forecast. First day for me is Saturday at the Bird. If you want a couple of Kiwi mates for day or two we would be happy to meet up for a ski. Do you reckon the flood gates are gonna open anytime soon with the snow having been so lean?

  2. Kyle Wagstaff says:

    It’s only been “bad” by Utah standards. Most of the folks from the eastern US, Australia/NZ and Europe are raving ecstatically (as usual). Backcountry areas are finally stabilized and have excellent fluff, and the groomers are fully covered at all the developed ski areas. We probably won’t make it to July this season, but the tourists are never here for the late corn anyway…

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