12-31-11 by dave

Today is the last day of 2011 as we turn the page on the year.  It was a great year, with legendary snow during last season’s delivery, and this year will come around to give the Faithful what they have been waiting for.  This morning was cold, with a cloud deck hanging over the peaks, which held off the full Sun and bluebird visibility.  2” of freshness fell overnight, giving the morning crew something to dance on.  Every little bit helps the overall quality, expanding the playing field a bit more each day.  The firmness is still holding up to the traffic, with only few rocky spots cropping up with the tilling measures, though they are easy to spot and avoid.  Just keep a close eye out ahead for the darker areas and the tell tale signs of the glazed patches.   The off trail areas are getting more approachable as they get worked over, but the interference patterns are getting acute in the high traffic lines, though there are lines to be found just off the main gut areas, so look around for some of the increasing terrain.   It is my day off today, and I want to wish all a happy New Year, and I will see you early next year.   IBBY!!!

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