1-01-12 by dave

This morning was a bit bit brisk, with a sparse showing for first Tram.  The Grooming Crew had worked on the tenderizing of the main runs, offering some nice velvet sections, though there were very greasy spots developing from the dense snow delivered the other day.  The Snow Making efforts continue top to bottom, on both sides of the hill, which offer some very nice Gun Powder spread a long way around the Gun.   I slowed down at each gun to take advantage of the smooth carvey texture and address my Gun shyness from earlier this season.   I still am not taking those Guns for granted.  The high pressure is building in again, signaling another stretch of diligent turning.  When the soft snow finally arrives, all the fine detain of each turn will flow out as if by magic.  The off trail is still improving with traffic in some areas, and the traffic has worked up serious bumps in other areas.  I have been looking for that middle ground, where there is some smoothness to be found, though some of that peripheral snow can be punchy, and rocks exist just there as well.  Just be careful and stay dialed.   Another great morning is on tap for tomorrow, so get there early for the morning session!!   Ciao!!

6 Responses to “FIRMING UP”

  1. Mark says:

    Hey Dave, thanks for the positive vibes. I’m impressed with your ability to identify the good aspects of every unique set of conditions. It definitely helps me to stay focused on what’s to come and to appreciate the benefits of just getting out. In all your years of riding have you seen anything like this season before?

    Anyway, thanks again for all you do. Your efforts are much appreciated!

  2. Mike says:

    Hi big bro ,Thought I never looked at your site. Surprise!!!!!
    You Baige Sheep

  3. Shawn says:

    Man- I hate to say it but it sounds like you’ve sold out. The Bird gives you a pass and you’ve lost your authentic voice. Sometimes it does a disservice to put a positive spin on everything. After two days of nothing but hardpack and icy groomers and a few attempts at the offpiste I wish I hadn’t purchased a lift pass. These are the days for locals only at Snowbird. It’s a ripoff otherwise.

  4. dave says:

    Ouch!!! My positive spin emanates from within, and is only a reflection of how I see the world. I can only write what I know, and I know I am having a great time, especially considering the other activity options and situations that One could be doing. I try to find the gem in each day, and it is a rare day that there is not something to find. Granted it may no be worth it for one to go full boat, but that does not make it less fun. Hope you can find the stoke.

  5. Krizia says:


    I like how you keep it real and positive. You are the legend that doesn’t mind taking time with us newbies. Whatever Snowbird gives you is none of anyone’s business and I am positive they have given much more to others for much less. Keep up the prose for those who knows!

    Your Friend,

  6. TomdBomb says:

    Sold out? The Goo is and always has been the real deal and he’s not alone in thinking there’s truly no such thing as a bad day of skiing. Choosing to maximize the positive in life comes naturally to some like Dave just as the opposite outlook seems to come to others. One is a gift, the other a burden.

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