12-30-11 by dave

There was a combination of flat light and flat groomers, which combined to make the day interesting.  The snow from yesterday made the machine worked areas velvet smooth and predictable.   Light traffic gave the morning crew the ability to put down quick laps on some of the nicest hydrovelvet.  There were some variations here and there, but over all the ride was good to go.  I finally began venturing to the off trail regions to get a good look at the popular runs.   The dry chalky snow pack there is a pleasant alternative to the man made, but the bumps and various hazards make you focus a great deal more.   I made several runs out the Road to Provo, where there were many lines to chose from.  Many folks were making their way over to the Rastas and Hoopy’s Crotch, where there were some  obvious, exposed scree areas to avoid, but I did not hit any rocks, which is not say they are not there.   Tomorrow, look for the hill to have been worked over nicely, and the traffic to have picked up a bit with the weekend, but the up hill capacity is handling the pressure very well.   Gad 2 is still a quiet place to find some smooth runs, but the off trail is still punchy and dubious.  You can certainly venture into these areas, but get a close look when you ride the chair.  On a completely different subject;  the newly remodeled Aerie restaurant and bar is really spectacular and worth a visit to take advantage of the vista and the new menu.  I was up there the other day and it makes me want to remodel the Trailer.   See you in the AM.    Peace Out!!

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