12-29-11 by dave

It was raining at the Trailer this morning , and rained all the way up to the White Pine Trail head, where the precipitation turned to snow.  High winds out of the West were pounding the peak, shutting the Tram down and leaving the chairs the only option. The runs were covered with a beautifully soft and moist layer, which stuck to the slick surface underneath.   The first runs were velvet smooth, like frosting a cake with a paper knife.   MMMMM   Good.  It was great to have a little addition to the runs.  Following the same lines as yesterday helped the avoidance of  rocks.   Though the off trail sections are getting better and better as they get worked over, there is still very thin cover, so tread cautiously.  The only issue in these off trail sections is the interference patterns, which are continually being made more acute with the added traffic.   Tomorrow, look for some more unsettled weather to move through, giving the snow pack a bit more cushion.  I am not going to get too carried away with the new snow, as some of those slick spots can crop up and create some issues in the middle of a turn.   Be aware of the very tight traffic on the main runs, keeping an eye out above at all changes of fall line.  I give it the both shoulder extra check just to be sure.   I think it will be a great morning, so be there early for the best of it.   Peace Out!!

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