12-28-11 by dave

This morning was overcast,  with flat light to make things more interesting.  The Groomers were very nice for the first morning runs, but got a bit scraped off as the traffic worked it.  The traffic was quite light for a holiday, so the back to back program is easy to do.  The sides of the trail still have some nice sugar to dig into when you are looking for a place to scrub some speed.  Regulator is still smooth, but the firmness in the middle section is worth paying attention to as you make the break.  The clouds lowered and there was some rhime ice collecting on the goggles  as Noon came up, but the visibility still held up.  Traffic on Big Emma was still tight and required a great degree of focus and attention to the uphill traffic.  I was going all the way to the left to get  the dry chalk that collects along the bump line, then make my way across to the Bass highway.  The Cats have turned up some rocks here and there, so be on the lookout for them, though they are easy to avoid.  Tomorrow, look for the early morning session to be worth the time.  The low traffic gives you a big leg up on the the vertical access.  Plus you get the best velvet from the tenderizing efforts.   The off trail is still dubious, though there are many good lines if you take your time and find them.  Dry chalky natural base is much more reliable than the Man Made, so you can find some fun.    Not much has changed, so I will make this short.   Take advantage of this low traffic bonanza during this holiday week.   Peace Out!!

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