12-27-11 by dave

The snow pack continues to solidify, but the Cat Crew is doing a fine job getting the hill ready for fun every morning.  I was looking a bit outside the box today, checking the peripheral looking for some softness.  As the day progresses, the dust collects toward the side of the trail.  There can be found some very nice sugar piles, on which to work your magic .  I took a look at Gad 2 today, where the main groomed runs are fairly well covered, with just a few areas that have some rocks mixed into the catted sections.   Off trail looked rasty, after the traffic worked the lift line and other sections since they opened this area.  Most of the hazards are now visible, but that does not guarantee that there will not be found some surprises.  Go off trial there at your peril.  You will see what I mean as you ride the chair up.    Continued snow making is offering some nice morning gun powder, as the temps are perfect.   Be cautions on Big Emma, where the concentrated traffic creates some interesting  challenges.  Watch for Black Ice in the Canyon tomorrow morning, it has been greasy.   See you dark and early.   Ciao!!

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