4-23-11 by dave

I have been having a delightful day off, but up on the hill it looked a bit dreary, with some slight flurries and visibility issues.  The forecast is for more Essence to be delivered overnight and into tomorrow, so we can expect continued improvement in the conditions, with the big mountain smooth holding up to take advantage of any additional accumulation.  There is also quite a period of unsettled weather expected for the week, so my attempts to hold on to winter are sputtering, but still encourage further visualizations.  I do love the corn cycles, but the recent quality of Essence makes it darned hard to send thoughts of warmer conditions out  to the Universe.  As we ended last season, I was reflecting on the cycle flowing down the Canyon, but this season we are still seeing the cycle in the ADD mode, which is what we all look for in a season.  Soon enough the Essence will once again return to its liquid state and flow back into the return cycle, but in the mean time we can enjoy Up side.  Tomorrow, look for the Groomers to be ripping fast and fairly vacant, as I do not anticipate too much in the way of traffic.  I will be looking to the High North to still be delivering some good drops.   I will see you in the AM.  Ciao!!

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