4-24-11 by dave

The morning was forecast to be cloudy, but there was a nice clear sky to greet the few who were on deck to start the day.  The Groomers were mid winter smooth, offering a sweet velvet feel to get the RPM’s turning.  The High North was still really nice, with very approachable lines anywhere on those exposures.  The other sections were fair, and had benefited from the few cm’s that had fallen overnight, although they were a touch stiff but manageable.  Walk on Trams were a bonus, as it was very easy to make each one with no delay.  The hill is still holding on to the smooth factor, with only a marginal low amplitude rumble to deal with.  With all the big snow pack build up, the big shots are still super accessible, and offer a rare chance to rip them with unmitigated audacity.  There is more snow in the immediate forecast, so I expect that  there will be at least some fresh Essence for the morning session.  The visibility may be problematic, but with the hill in such good shape, it gives you a wide margin for error if you are just guessing on the immediate details.  Also, look for the Groomers to be exceptional once again, with some of the lower mountain drops, perhaps, getting the machine work, so check the report in the AM.  Here is a shot I took at Noon today, showing the fatness of the Upper Cirque.  Notice that all the chute delineations are absent and covered sufficiently to enable a full court press.  It has been may years since it has looked this big, so take advantage of the rarity!!!   IBBY!!!


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