4-22-11 by dave

The morning was sunny and bright, but there was a real chill to the air, with a stiff breeze to keep the air from heating up too fast.  The impulses from yesterday had been deposited wall to wall, depositing a bit more product on the High North exposures, making them silky smooth.  The faithful were there in modest numbers, maintaining the Tram line at the 20 minute level, so I opted to make some laps in Mineral Basin before the Sun worked the freshness. The snow was cold and dense, feeling a bit like deep sugar, which kept the bottom only minimally in play.  I moved back to the front of the hill and charged the steep North aspects that seemed to be ignored, so I just kept working the sections one after another.  Adager had been given the Grooming treatment, providing the big mountain smooth, high angle drop that is rare and treasured.  The air remained cold all day, though the high Sun angle was working the direct exposures, but I was finding untracked, cold lines at 2:00PM. out on the Cirque Traverse.  Score!!  Tomorrow, look for the High North to still have the smooth softness, but watch out for the stiffening on the lower mountain.  The Groomers will be great after this freshness is tilled into the mat, so get the direct exposures early before they go South.  Depending on the day’s temps., the North aspects should hold the cold quite well.  Another great feature of the present time, is that the mountain is very smooth overall, with very few sections holding much in the way of interference patterns, so a much more full on line can be taken with little thought of having to deal with that issue.  I will be off tomorrow, so make the laps for me and I will see you Sunday.   IBBY!!

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