12-20-15 by dave

The cycle is just beginning and is predicted to last through the holidays.  The morning session offered 4” of fresh medium density Essence on some very crusty base after that rime ice event of a few days ago.  The off trail was still very tricky with variations in the density and surface features.  The Groomers  were consistently smooth, but had that rime crust still working, and, as the fresh snow got worked over, the variations became more abrupt.  My knees were feeling the torque trying to deal with the transitions.  I looked around the hill bit and found that much more has been opened recently, but I am going to wait for just a bit more cushion before getting too excited.  Coverage is getting better with each installment, and the folks working the off trail seem to be doing well. DSC03309 Here is a shot of the Cosmic 11:11 appearing on the Plaza clock just as I happened to look up.  I don’t wait for the time to change just to get this shot, it is just the flow of the Universe saying the ” we are in the Cycle and all is in balance and as it should be.”  Nice to know we have the help of the Natural Forces looking out for us.  Tomorrow, look for more Essence to be delivered overnight.  It is snowing here at the Trailer as I write this.  Traffic should be light, but the folks are arriving for the Holidays and traffic will pick up, however, the lifts are keeping things moving quickly.  Fresh Grooming will be good to go with smooth lines for the opening bell.  Off trail will be looking good, but expect interference patterns to be a feature of the high traffic off trail areas.  Check the road report in the AM for Canyon restrictions, as it was dumping heavily when I left for the day. DSC03310 Here is a great shot of Mary Jo bringing the Sunshine at the Forklift Chair on  an otherwise overcast day.  Thanks for the smiles Mary Jo!!  Nice to have this weather stream moving through the Front.  Lots more goodness to come!!!  IBBY!!

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