12-19-15 by dave

The temps. were much warmer today, with a high overcast.  New terrain was opened today, with the Cirque Traverse getting the nod for the faithful.  That Rime Ice event was certainly in play out there, with some variable characteristics to the snow pack.  The Little Cloud chair was opened today for the first time this season, making the uphill options much broader.  That will be a nice touch as we move into the busy season.  The Groomers were consistent, but still were feeling a bit crispy with that old layer still holding on.  It is going to take a bit more cover to make that a non issue.  Here is a shot of Mt. Superior that I took yesterday. It was making it’s own weather there as there was not another cloud in the sky.DSC03300  It is going to take some more cover to get that aspect good to go, but lot’s of folks have been working the lower apron over the past month non the less.  Tomorrow, look for re worked Groomers to be the go to lines for the opener as the corduroy has been very nice indeed.  I will be looking around off trail to see how thing are shaping up and will be looking for all those features that will be covered by the next installment that is poised to unload in the near future.  It will be great to have the traffic spread out over the hill now with all that new terrain available, but I still am going to be looking over my shoulder just in case.  The Chef has gone South to Brazil after leaving the ski career behind last year.  He sends his best and say’s ” When it gets deep, look for the steep.”  Wise words indeed.  He will be following the season from some sandy beach.  I am sure he will be weighing in from time to time.    See you there dark and early for another great day at the Bird.   Stay Frosty!!

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