12-21-15 by dave

The Cycle is just beginning with the overnight arrival of some fresh Essence on the hill.  Snow throughout the day kept the visibility marginal, and the accumulation mounting as the real energy started hitting around Noon.  There was more pressure for the goods than I thought we would see, but the Tram was keeping pace with only a one Tram wait after things got going. The old crusty layer is still in play, however, it is becoming less of an issue.  The wind was stripping some of the high spots off and the glaze was an important feature to keep in mind.  I was using my best long turn averaging to keep the ride as consistent as possible.  The off trail was feeling much better as I tried out one of the newly opened areas to see how it felt.  I was pleasantly surprise by the cover, when just last week it was no go for sure.    The interference patterns in the high traffic lines are building with the traffic, however, the new cushion is mitigating the impact.   Here is a shot that Mr. Scott sent the other day when the ultra light Essence was falling deep and fast. 3C5569C4-7B62-49D0-84CA-52F92702B360It is interesting to see how the snow piles up on the least of surfaces.  The deep is here and it is going to get much deeper in the coming days.  The forecast is for lots of snow with high moisture content, which is the Spackle we need to put the icing on the cake.   Tomorrow, look for a Canyon closure in the AM. for control work.  There is no estimated time of opening as of yet, so check the Canyon report. Big snow will be happening all day, so things may be slow to open, and we will have to see how much is available once things get rolling.  This is going to be an interesting stretch for the faithful.  It was dumping when I left, so get ready for greatness.  Don’t forget to SIZZLE!!

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