12-06-09 by dave

The most feather like snow fell overnight  covering the Airstream in cold dust.  The area had cleared off for first Tram while the Valley remained shrouded.  The first two hours featured clear and very cold air with dry chalky machine worked snow.  A fair number of the curious ventured out early and got the most consistent runs of the day.  As the morning wore on folks began showing up and the lower mountain became very crowded and the slick spots were beginning to become wide spread..  There were no lift lines, however, the single open run was indeed cluttered.  I stayed strictly to the  Right and let all traffic pass to the Left.  The Bass Highway is getting better, but the last section after the Wilbere Chair is sketchy.  Low and slow is how I take it if I go that route.   The clouds moved up from the Valley toward noon raising havoc with the visibility.   I opted to bail and remain unscathed.  The temps are quite cold and I dressed for the conditions.  My cheeks got frost bitten on my last run down, but I think it was due to the super moist air that came with the clouds. Non the less I should have had a gator.  Boot warmers would be good too: it is just that time of the season.  Looks like more weather in the near future, so keep your fingers crossed !!! IBBY!!!

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  1. larry says:

    hey Dave, Looks great , Let’s see some photo’s. See you soon

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