12-07-09 by dave

4” of new snow started Monday morning with a very light first Tram.  The usual suspects were on hand regardless of what may be in store. That is the magic of  First Tram is that you never know what you are going to find.  The snow had been blown around into areas and left scoured areas firm.  Conditions got better as the new snow got pushed around, however, you really needed to be neutral in dealing with the variations. The visibility was not to bad with plenty of definition.  Aiming for the piles was the best bet making best use of the new snow.  More snow will be coming tonight and a re groom job should make for excellent runs all morning.  The Wilbre chair is open now with limited skiing on the man made runs.  Any adventures off the main lines will be a bad I idea.  No base and rotten snow will be a real challenge if you were to drop off the cat track.  The Tram is running on a 20 minute schedule for most of the morning making a trip all the way down to the Wilbre Chair a great way to get the most out of your time.  Get that in and you can still get the Tram with no hurry.  The Bass Highway is now covered over the area going back to the Center, however there is very thin cover and will require a bit of care and you may catch a few rocks.  Snow Making is still ongoing and the Peruvian side is getting primed for the next installment.  See you on first Tram in the AM. Ciao!

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