12-08-09 by dave

There was a lot more interest this Tuesday morning than I have seen in a while.  Folks are ready to cut loose and with 5 fresh inches well you can bet there were some smoking runs.  Now Regulator is the only run open so you can stand at the bottom and catch some real charging skiing. I have still been shwagging most of my turns until I can trust it.  One of my close friends broke his leg yesterday and his season is over already.  Man I feel for him.  The off trail skiing off Wilbre is the worst.  I saw some folks venture down through that area yesterday and they were having issues.   The Bass Highway is getting progressively better and has been taken off the not recommended list.  If you have pristine edges and want to keep them that way take the shuttle.  This was also the first day of back to back trams.  You can get a lot of skiing if you catch every tram, which is not too hard to do.  Regulator was getting a lot of traffic venturing out off the beatten path finding what they find, in any case, they are packing things out so when we get a good deposit  it will be a better situation.  The light density snow did nothing to soften the underlying snow, however a constant neutral turn will get you through those pesky transitions.  I am working on my knee preservation program building up the stamina as we go.  I have heard rumoring of things Peruvian in the not too far distant future.  Keep your fingers crossed.  Depending on tonight, tomorrow should have fantastic groomers right out of the chute ,where the new snow gets mixed in with the Man Made combining to make a race ready surface.  I can go for that, how about you!!.  Of course I will be on first Tram so be there and join the fun!!!   IBBY!!

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  1. Jim Fox says:

    who broke their Leg? I’m presently stranded down here in Farmington,NM. Flight was canceled today should be back in Salty tomorrow up at the Bird Thurs.
    Jim Fox

  2. dave says:

    Hi Jim. Herbie broke his leg on Emma, out for the season! See you soon

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