12-09-09 by dave

Wednesday morning could have been colder, but that was plenty cold enough for me, I can tell  you.  I bought some cold weather gear in July when warmth was not on the radar and it is working well in these conditions.  I had to add a gator and a nose guard to ward off the frost bite, which was hammering anyone with exposed skin.  The Grooming Crew did a stellar job on Regulator last night and left it velvety and very fast.   The old and the new snow mix together well. The left side of Regulator is getting hit hard and I checked it out  to see what all was going on over there.  It is quite thin and there are shallow reefs just below the surface, however, the snow was dry, chalky, and soft, letting you stand on the platform where that would be  iffy out on the firmer areas.   There is a stout line of bumps that have been developed on the right side of Big Emma.  The ruts are quite deep and perfect for those who would partake.  There does not seem to be any trouble with coverage there, but I would have to guess that there might be a couple of rocks in some of the troughs.    I have been favoring the far left side of Big Emma as that is where the snow gets pushed and remains out of the line of fire.  Be sure to look up hill when setting up for the Bass High Way as the Rockers are on the gas and need to be taken into account.  Speaking of the Bass High Way the  groomers kicked up a few more rocks on that middle section, so be aware of that.  Continued cold temps are predicted, so dress accordingly and get there early for the best of  groomers.    Back to back Trams are back giving you the big 3 per hour program for those who follow that program and you know who you are!  Still those adventurous souls are trying the off pist off the Wilbre Ridge.  This is a really nasty section with ledges, snags and all kind of fun underneath.  Sojourns into this area with this coverage is asking for trouble and you will find it.  Dress for the cold and watch your skin for frost bite.  See you all on first Tram!!!   Peace Out.

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