12-10-09 by dave

Thursday morning was Extra Primo Firm . A consistent grooming job together with an overnight wind had scoured the extra fluff.  There was plenty  of surface to grab , however, slick spots right at the Regulator break-over can catch you unaware sending you sprawling if you are too committed.  The left side is still favored overall.  It is a great time to be scoping out the hazards ahead of the incoming weather.  The Cirque has some special treats toward the lower end that definitely should be taken notice of.  Mine dumps and some venting keep these sections thin, cover that with 2′ of fresh …. Give it some room.  I also spent some time looking out into the areas that are now closed and think of what will be, cause you know it’s coming.  Soon!  Lots of really great sliders are here and ripping.  I have been hanging back a tad to give the first surge a head start.  It is not bad when you have the whole hill, but now the crowding issue is real.  The day warmed up a tad, though I think dressing for the cold tomorrow will be rewarded.  The energy is really gaining momentum and folks are really starting to turn it on and go full on.  All right, first tram has been very empty so get there early and get some of the buff before it gets skied off. See you then.

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