12-11-09 by dave

Friday morning was balmy with a blistering temp of 11 above which is a lot better than 11 below as we had yesterday.  It seemed almost tropical. The relative warmth did little to soften Regulator on any aspect leaving you to be strategic or give it all the coals.  I opted for the more strategic approach to take advantage of the pockets of sugar that are strewn about and can give a bit more bite to spill off speed. Big Emma held up for most of the morning , but was scraped after noon.  The left side still gets you the softest snow and that is where I was heading as soon as I turned the corner.   New snow is in the forecast and since great things happen here I feel good about the prospects.  Tomorrow is my day off so I will report via remote viewing.  It is a new feature I installed in the trailer for just such the occasion.  See you Sunday  !!

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