12-12-09 by dave

This Saturday morning found a light dessert dusting on the trailer and much warmer temps.  The early Tram saw 4” of fluff of top of the groomers which still are quite firm.  The new snow got piled up requiring more cautious approach with the slick spots by  aiming for the piles. .  Be careful of the off trail when we get this new snow.  There are many hazards in full relief, that I have been checking out as I ride up the Tram.  I  think  how nasty  it would be to hit one when charging a line.   You know  that after the first hour those hazards will all be found as if by magic.  Those of you who have been riding the Tram know what I am talking about.   Another storm or two and it will not be a problem getting us back to Rock and Roll as usual!!  Hey! Soon I will have a lot more to share than descriptions of one same run.  That one run does set you up to Rock the rest!  So check the reports early .   Ciao!

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