12-05-09 by dave

There is a light snow falling  Saturday morning here at the Communications Trailer signaling the beginning of a, hopefully, fruitful cycle.  I have been adjusting the antenna and Sat. dishes all morning as I try to re establish contact with the home planet, which  experienced a down load of Surf footage that I forwarded last summer. It seems that they all just got so caught up in the G- Land  segments that they forgot to keep the link open.  No worries though as my inside viewers have kept me in the loop.  It seems that the upper mountain is a tad firmer today due to the wind direction making the snow guns ineffective and were shut down.  Sunshine remained on Regulator   until the cloud deck moved in and flattened the visibility.  The Trams were full and the attendees were letting loose  on the one open run making for some  crowded conditions on the lower mountain. The new snow will be a great improvement as always, where just a few inches can make all the difference.  I still think that care should be taken if  you venture down the Bass High way and go very slow right at the bottom.  The Shuttle is still the best idea if you plan on going back to the Center.  See you on first boat!!

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