4-11-10 by dave

The wind was once again rocking the trailer all night long, this time I had set up the supports to take the pressure.  Good to Go!.  The Tram went off with no problems, though the wind was kicking out of the South with gusto.  There was minimal transport as most of the snow was securely nailed down and not likely to be moved to the North exposures.  The snow that did get lifted began to lightly cover Silver Fox and Upper Primrose Path, but it did not cover the low amplitude rumble that resided there.  I gave it a shot just to get a first hand sense of it, but my knees just said ” Negatory Good Buddy” and I did not return, which is not to say that it was not good: your knees might speak differently.  The Sun was shrouded all day with only the Infrared rays penetrating the cover to soften the pack later in the afternoon.  Chips, Anderson’s, Chips variation gave me the best lines, with dry chalky buff down to the last 600′ where the frozen reality kicked in full on.  Just some careful shwagging got you down that last bit in fine shape, so rapid back to back laps were happening all morning until the Forklift Chair beckoned.  Full Sun affected softness went off around 2:00 PM as the wind prevented any accumulation of ambient heat during the day.  Tomorrow look for very light traffic and new snow arriving,which can only help the edge-ability.  Visibility could be a bit problematic, but that is part of the fun.  See you on first boat!   Ciao!!

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