4-10-10 by dave

Saturday morning was good to go right out of the chute, with the Peruvian Groomers providing a hydro velvet consistency top to bottom.. Lower Primrose  had been given the grooming nod with an extra wide push to the left, turning up the cold dry chalky snow that lay just under the shallow Sun affected layer.  It felt like caressing the soft nap on your favorite velour leisure suit.  Come on now,  even George Costanza has one of those.  The first few runs I let loose, with only sun glasses for eye protection, and by the time I got to the Anderson’s drop I could not see through the tears blurring my vision.  Fortunately the buff job was silky smooth with no surprises, enabling me to make the fade toward the Primrose Path shot that had been worked from the very top.  I let ” THE CHEF” sample Mineral Basin as I kept working the front side goods, and he came back with word that it had not yet gone off, so I just kept lapping the vacant delight.  Regulator was Groomed, but was crispy and glazed, so you don’t want to even look there until the Sun start doing the thing it does.  1:00PM seems to be the magic time that the softening goes off on the frozen aspects.  I must mention, that the off trail is quite challenging on most aspects, with  the South facing getting more realistic as the Sun softens the crud.  The High North is still acceptable, though the low amplitude rumble keeps me off those sections.  Tomorrow look for the High North faces to still be holding the last remnants of cold snow, but the lower elevations will definitely be crispy.  A later start would not be a bad idea as we move into this spring cycle and the warm days dig deeper into the snow pack.  There is snow in the forecast which will be a nice addition to the festivities.  See you all early for the crispy runs, because I likes it crispy, but that is just me!!! IBBY!!

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