4-12-10 by dave

Monday was sunny and windy for the morning session, with the North facing groomers offering the best of the choices, featuring dry chalky firmness down to the bottom 1000′ where things got quite crispy indeed.  Upper Primrose Path had been given a rare mow from the Peruvian traverse turning up the cold snow and creating a satin finish, which was continually scrubbed by the stout South wind that still jammed down hill.  At times it seemed that I was standing still as I was matching the speed of the wind, so the swirls of dust just hung around my knees obscuring the deck.  I just had to trust the smoothness and go with what I knew to be there… Maybe.  On the Lower third of the hill the Grooming crew punched a fresh line down Adager for the first time of the year, and a rarity at that.  Now, the bottom of the hill was very crispy requiring a deliberate approach to hang on the frozen shear.  Adager, being significantly steep, tested your edge control and commitment to the fall line, and did not begin to soften until 12:30 PM when the sorbet-like shavings gave extra purchase and grace on that big mountain drop.  You would have to hike long and far to get close to anything like that kind of ripping terrain, and here we have it right there and lift serviced.   How do we rate?   Nice touch, and kudos to the Cat Crew!!!  The lights went out at 1:00PM as the storm began to move into the area with the promise of freshies for tomorrow.  The upper mountain has smoothed out with the reduced traffic and windage, so additional sauce will be good to go for the faithful who make the effort.  Many of the chairs are now closed for the season condensing the uphill choices significantly, so there will be additional pressure for the remaining lifts.  Mineral Basin is looking smoother now, and is offering excellent grooming with the big drops  getting really nice as they soften, so don’t forget about that option.   See you there dark and early.   IBBY!!!

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  1. dw says:

    I just checked the snowcam and its looking good ,

    The faithful will be in attendence on Tuesday

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