1-07-11 by dave

The  thick fog broke open as soon as I got to the mouth of the Canyon, where the morning was ultra clear and still, signaling another day of extreme rippage.  The Grooming crew out did themselves by punching out some of the the best pitches the hill has to offer.  While Mineral Basin called with bright Sun and wide open groomers, I was drawn to the front side of the hill to take advantage of the 3000′ of vert. and the velvet smooth perfection of the cold snow grooming.  To say that these runs were perfect, does not even come close to how delicious the quality really was.  It is a case of – You had to be there-  to have any idea of the delicate quality of the hydrovelvet that was just there for us to enjoy.  I would have pulled out the Wings again to fly the Buff, but I opted to throttle back to a slower pace and get more turns out of the hill.   It is like fine wine, it is pointless to chug it, rather a sip, a taste, a savor, is the best way to absorb as much of the complexity such perfection provides.  I know, it is only Groomers;  I hear that every day, and I just wonder how one can pass up the opportunity to dig deep, savor the turn, and the way the snow feels as the edge arcs through it.  As the day progressed the bright Sun really began to heat up the direct exposures out in Mineral Basin, making them soft and approachable, but overnight temps. will crust them over for the AM. Depending on the weather tomorrow, those exposures may or may not thaw out, so be aware of that issue.  On the Plaza it looked more like a spring day, as the very warm afternoon invited dropping a layer and bask in the warmth of the Sun.  Tomorrow, look for the Groomers to, again, be the place to get things rolling, but the North facing off trail is shaping up nicely with dry chalky texture to enjoy.  The hill is prime for additional product, and some is on the way, so make some turns for me, if you would, and I will be back on Sunday.   Peace Out!!!

6 Responses to “HYDROVELVET”

  1. TK says:

    Thanks as always for the excellent reporting Guru Dave! Will check it out tomorrow.

  2. T&B says:

    Dave, you did real good today with the style and language. Makes it sound so good. Only you can write this about our place, only you are qualified enough. We are coming soon so look for us next Thursday maybe up there. Keep up the vibe! T&B

  3. Dj Nebula says:

    I know I did not pass up the last three days. Groomers are what prime our legs up for those big dumps we still have coming our way this season. Incredible riding, so fast, and the snow was in surprisingly excellent condition. Excellent last three days of describing the hill and the conditions up there Dave!!! 10/10

  4. bill barker says:

    Dave? are you just making this stuff up? are you in Narnia, or is it real? Us 5 Brits,arriving for a week of pleasure end of Jan’, are used to scrunting around any ole’ European resort that might be blessed with a brush of precipitation and delighting in what ever we’re given on our spare few days.Not wishing to over egg the pudding when reciting the standard to be expected in your home town…please confirm I’m not dreaming.

  5. snowbirddevotee says:

    Dave is talking truth! I’m a the bird now and the snow is delicious. You are coming at the right time, end of Jan, even if you don’t have fresh snow, likely the conditions will be awesome. For sure the hill has the best advanced terrain you will find anywhere, I hope you are up for it.

  6. Niff says:

    Jeez Dave, now you’ve got me drooling over groomers too !!

    Hey, do you break out groomer skis for days like that or do you just rail on your fats ?

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