1-08-11 by dave

Powder Storm

I was sitting here in the Trailer this morning sipping my coffee,  contemplating the murky mist that has been building up for days with the stalled High Pressure.  The Sun has been out in force above 6000′, and I could not help but think that I should have foregone my day off and taken advantage of the sunshine and clear air.  My decision to chill was verified when reports came in from the high country  of marginal visibility and very flat light, that reduced the surface details to near Zero.  Fortunately, the Groomers had been reworked providing more of the same hydrovelvet that we have been enjoying lately.  The cloud cover negated the possibility of the Sun softening the frozen aspects from yesterday’s spring like exposure, so those off trail spots would have been tricky at best.  The High North and shaded areas are still sporting cold dry chalky product, so there is plenty of aspects to address in lieu of your favorite South facing shots despite the recent Sunfest.  Tomorrow, look for some snow to have fallen with the movement of a weak front through the area, however, significant accumulation is not being discussed.   There has been a build up of some medium amplitude bumps on the open, easy access areas for those who seek out the bumps, but there are plenty of smooth big mountain shots to choose from.  We are fully set up to deal with any additions of essence as we continue to enjoy one of the biggest seasons of recent, and even long memory!!   I will be back again for the first Boat in the AM, and I will see you then.   IBBY!!!   P.S.  Here is a shot of the heavy artillery kicking out some of the sweetest sugar imaginable, and I can imagine a lot !!

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