1-06-11 by dave

There were few takers for the first Tram this morning, and if it had not been for the Snowmobile group there would have been room to Tango if one were so inclined.   I took advantage of the clear skies, vacant slopes, and perfect Grooming to fly my Wings for the entire morning session.  What a blast it was to have absolutely empty runways to push the throttle to the maximum level, and arc turns top to bottom without any hint of crustiness.  The Grooming effort has really paid off, leaving the smooth to hold up all day long without deterioration into the low rumble that usually develops.  Today all the aspects were happening in one form or another.  The due East shots in Mineral Basin are beginning to smooth off naturally  All of the North facing shots have already matured into fully supportable billiard table smooth buffage.   Machine grooming is incredible, but real, naturally developed wind slab is one of the levels of perfection that is rare and unappreciated.  Believe me when I tell you, that I was taking full advantage of some of the lines that were just begging to be shralped.  Wind slab keeps getting better as the day goes on, with sugar shavings adding to the sweetness of the pitch.  MMMMMM!!!   Tomorrow, look for yet another shred fest.  I know that the faithful turn their backs on the current hard pack, but that leaves the goods to us, which are perfect canvases on which to slice and dice!!   Be there for the fun with added benefit of much warmer temps. and escape from the sketchy air in the valley.    In the continuing effort to add substantive content, here is a quick, off the cuff, video of me flying the wings top to bottom.  Vroom Vroom!!!!   Ciao!!   P.S. I was unable to get that video to work.   I will do some research into the problem and get it up ASAP.

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