1-05-11 by dave

There was an overcast sky this morning precluding the use of the Wings, due to Instrument flight rules, because the light was so flat that the details on the surface seemed imperceptible.   I just had to feel and trust the ultra smooth Groomage that had been prepared especially for us.  I have been taking full advantage of the wide open, vacant, and ultra deluxe surface that is waiting to be lacerated.  The highly defined lacerations arcing down the hill were a dead give away of the passage of the Carvasaurous Rex and the equally legendary Trenchzilla, who leave such precise and balanced signs.  If you watch closely you will be able to catch a brief fleeting glimpse of  them as they  pass fully immersed in the Gravity Force Field.  The off trail is beginning to show the signs of traffic in many areas, where  a low amplitude rumble is become prevalent.  There are, however, areas that are being massaged by the wind and traffic  to produce billiard table smooth sections.  The wind was also in play today, depositing some sensual sugar into the low spots.   Tomorrow, look for continued high octane rippage to be available all day, as the Groomed sections are staying smooth all day.  The Gun Powder on Regulator continued to offer cold deposits of fresh, as the wind filled in the tacks as fast as you could move through it.   The very low traffic is another major feature of the recent days, with luxurious space on each and every Tram.  The other day I posted a shot of the Pillar of light for your consideration.  There are some who think that I somehow Photo shopped the image.  I assure you that it is an authentic shot of an authentic atmospheric phenomenon, which I happened to be on hand for.  Here is a shot The Hipster appearing to be holding the phenomenon in his hand, which I took immediately after the previous Photo.  There is absolutely no way to make The Hipster pose for a hoax, I can assure you.  Muldar was Right!!!       The Truth is Out There!!!   Peace Out!!

Holding the Light

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  1. ross says:


    Thanks for your posts, I really enjoy them. Ur carvellicious collumn is must-reading for this Canuck from Kelowna (Big White-ville), who is drooling over the thought of possibly visiting the Bird sometime this spring to feel and rip the cottonwood aspects first-hand. In the meantime I drool vicariously thru you. Thanks man! Keep blastin’ me, I’m with you, albeit one or two gates behind..

    In canada we call those luminous apparitions ‘sun dogs’, and the accompanying twinkling dance of the chrystals can take you to a place like Narnia or even nirvana. Awesome. But I have never seem them so low before. And you did it without a green screen. Nicely done.

    If you care to recommend some first time runs for this mainly blue, sometimes black, twin slider, that would be very cool.

    peace out eh,

  2. Jim says:

    That is one great shot Dave.

  3. tomdbomb says:

    Heed not the unbelieving. They have just not spent enough time in the amazing Wasatch alpine environs to know as we do of the incredible play of visual effects rendered by forces and phenomena both known and unknown.

  4. Jessica lee says:

    Next time I find one I am going to jump in

  5. It could sound weird but my browser does notseem to become capable to d isplay your post rightly?- It looks like a complete chunk of if just isn’t properly d isplayed and the layout in the page does notappear to become correct. Are you able to confirm that th is publish has been set up for Opera?

  6. dave says:

    I have not had any trouble with this, and I have not heard of others with problems. I will keep an eye out.

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