1-04-11 by dave

The high pressure has settled in with warmer temps up higher, though not as warm as it could be.  The Sun is in full effect out in Mineral Basin, where some very steep grooming had been done.  The front of the hill is still in deep shadow until later in the morning, making the Basin a good call.  The off trial is still fairly stiff, with the North facing aspects providing the softest snow.  The Mountain is Full Fat, meaning there is  full coverage on all aspects.  Only the most peripheral lines will find rock bands to run into, so no worries.  I have been concentrating on getting the most of the perfect shots, and getting the most out of each turn.  The low traffic of the morning session let me bring out the Wings for some Super Sonic flying on clean, smooth, unoccupied runways.  What a treat indeed, as I was able to get the full flight sensation without any abrupt deceleration.  Here is a shot of the Canyon when it was filled with the clouds to the horizon.   I found it beautiful and made me forget there  is a city down there.  Tomorrow, look for continued Sunshine up high, with perfect grooming for the AM, though the groomers are holding up nicely all day.  EveryAbove the cloudsthing is looking good, so come and take advantage of the very low attendance and great skiing.   IBBY!!!

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  1. mark wyshnytzky says:

    Dave reading your reports is like standing in front of you, wish I was there. Keep up the updates.
    Mark – from Chicago

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