4-27-11 by dave

Today had all the feel of a High Season Powder Day, with perfectly smooth and creamy Essence, a full court press for the Tram, high energy participation, and a nice cold nip to the air.  Yesterday was just a teaser for what was delivered today, as the previously closed areas were open to the faithful , who were in full attendance.  The parking situation was reminiscent of any big January installment, with the parking lots full , and the by pass road wall to wall.  The Cold air held off the high angle Sun until 1:30 PM., when the intensity began to overcome the cold in the snow.  The fresh lines held up for a long time, as the visitors from other locales were not as familiar with the options as the resident faithful.  The Sun did begin to work the high exposures, so tomorrow be sure to take that into consideration for line choice.  The High North should still be holding the cold softness, a but slight aspect changes can produce large quality variations.  The coverage is still bigger than ever, with shots that are never covered offering a chance to put your mark on them.  Once again, the High North is looking fatter than ever, and is holding the big mountain smooth after that low amplitude rumble was covered.  Tomorrow, there may be a strong South wind out ahead of the next installment, which is forecast for Friday, so we may be getting some transport to the favored exposures for some smoothies.  The Groomers will also be ground pounding good, inviting a full throttle drive line for maximum vertical.  The attendance pressure should recede as well, making the Tram more realistic, though the addition today of the Peruvian Chair, to address the pressure, made the Tram line very quick indeed.  This season is now pushing into the record books, and will NOT be a foot note to be sure.   Ciao!!!

2 Responses to “HIGH SEASON?”

  1. Tom wando says:

    I saw the new record but was not believing it as I worked at mid gad from 82-85 and my job was snow report at 5:30am every morning w/scottie floyd n billy 82-83 n 83-84 I remember 800inch measurements am I wrong or was it the mushrooms

  2. dave says:

    I checked out the stats. I found that we are ahead of those years in terms of water content, but we are still short on the total inches. Stay tuned as I think we will surpass it.

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