4-26-11 by dave

The rain pounded on the Trailer all night last night, signaling the arrival of the next big spring dump.  I was not the only one who was listening to the pitter patter to  make my plans for the day, as the Canyon closure saw the faithful lining up at the Mouth in droves.  Now that Alta is closed, as well as all the other areas, there was only one place for them to worship, and that is The Bird.  The Canyon closure kept being pushed back continually, and where I was sitting on the road it looked super greasy, so I just felt that there was just no winning for me, which turned me around and headed for Carl’s Cafe to plan my options.  The reports on the hill were sizable, and you had to know that it was going to be good, with Winter cold temps. at the base.  I heard that the Peruvian Chair opened to help deal with the super pressure for the late season Essence, which only made sense and kept things from getting too out of hand.  Tomorrow, look for continued softness and the opening of areas that were held off today, so there is hope to still get some of this installment despite the high demand.  That is what I have been telling myself as I worked through the day.  With the cold temps. and the heavy cloud cover, I think the quality will still be top notch, but a bit skied out in the easily accessed areas.  Begin planning now and try to be there early.  Be sure to check the road report, because anything can happen, and with this season being what it is, I expect more surprises and treats to continue.  IBBY!!

2 Responses to “SPRING DUMP”

  1. Kyle Wagstaff says:

    The way the wind was blowing up Little Cloud, Mineral should be ultra-loaded for tomorrow. I took my last run down into Gad Valley, and I thought I was going to be blown back up the hill if I came out of my crouch! There won’t be a track in the bowl to open, but the top spots are greasy. Visibility was a nightmare all day, plus they inter-lodged everyone at noon for over 2 hours (ironically during the best visibility of the day, and after the mountain had already been skied for 3 hours…)–so don’t worry too much about finding the fresh stuff Wednesday.

  2. clairebear says:

    THe two hour interlodge was, as one friend put it, ” like being at a party you really did not want to attend”, However, since I was there i made the best and the best is what the Bird delivered!

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