4-28-11 by dave

As anticipated, the South wind was working from the Get Go this morning, beginning to transport the loose product to the Northern exposures.  The first Trams of the morning saw the transport only covering the Groomers with some very nice buffage, but the West facing was getting scoured, so I stayed with the smooth.  I ventured out to Mineral Basin to check out the High North exposes there, hoping to find some soft snow, which I did finally locate all the way out under the Sunday Cliffs.  Scored a fresh untracked line twice, then headed for the Forklift Chair to let softening to occur a bit more.  As the Sun worked the hill, the crustiness gave way to some very soft and silky turns, but the bonus round came when the South wind finally got enough volume moved to turn the High North into the silky smoothies I was hoping for.  The High North is fat, fat, fat, and all the shots there were going off like you dream about.  With walk on Trams, lapping the goodness was a given, and there were so many lines to choose from.  By 2 PM. the bottom of the hill was definitely getting soggy, though the stickiness was only barely noticeable.  The West facing broke, offering some desert like elegance on those Groomers.  Big Mountain Smooth is Big Mountain Smooth no matter how it is achieved.  There is weather in the forecast, so tomorrow will have visibility issues, though with the wind smoothing, those buffed out lines will be a no brainer, if you just follow your inner compass.  Here is a shot of the Book Ends that I took as I drove by; I could not resist.   IBBY!!


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