7-11-11 by dave

After the extended record season, I finally got the Trailer moved up to the HIGH DESERT, where the sky is clear, the air is dry, and the TRANSMISSIONS are not interfered with by the clutter of the electromagnetic confusion of the city.   As I was stowing the ARRAY, polishing the skin of aluminum, and getting things in order for the transport, I reflected back on the season, so I thought I would post some of my overall impressions of this legenday time.  The collective Consciousness of  The Faithful was prime to manifest this continued delivery of Essence that graced us in full effect.  I think that this is interesting evidence of the power of creative visualization.  It all started with the early dustings in the high elevations, then came the Dumps that sent signals around the globe, getting everyone stoked for what was to come.    Right out of the chute the energy and performance level was off the charts, as if each participant was grabbing as much of the Groove Sauce from The Source as was possible.   There were so many vaired textures, qualities, temperatures, and events that it really is all just a blur.  Remember the big Rain Event in January?  I thought that was going to be a real problem for a long time, but it healed almost immediately, though there were some significant releases on that layer. Then there were the Wind Events, which smoothed the hill to a dance floor perfection.  The continued accumulation kept the hill in  a smooth overall condition, keeping the bump factor to a dull roar.  That feature no only helped out my knees, but it enabled a full throttle charge to the fall line without the interference to the descent.  It was amazing at how filled in every aspect became, where huge spines were covered, chutes became open slopes, and tight tree shots opened up as the depth covered them all up!!!  It was really fun to see the energy that everyone was bringing, and the expressions of delight after experiencing full emersion in the Essence.    I was able to get some wonderful lighting shots with my camera, which I will be posting to my Photo Album when I get my act together, as I am still woefully computer illiterate.  It is my intention to get more adept at this piece of technology, because I have plans to expand the site to add much more content, so stay tuned for developments.  I have been posting my current DEEP research finds on my Twitter account – guru dave powers- , so if you are at all interested in some of the concepts that I am following check out the links I have been TWEETING.  Be advised, it is going to be a wild ride!!   I will be posting on this site as the Summer progresses so keep checking back for insights into the hiking and wild flower season. Be safe, stay stoked, and I’ll Be Blasting You!!!

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  1. marie says:

    it certainly was a “wow season.” one of those experiences where you get stretched so far out of your comfort zone that you are forever different (better, more aware, grateful, etc….)

    what is intersting about the ice layer from the jan rain storm … a ski patrol pointed out to me that the ice layer insulated the snow below it. that resulted in a slow down of the melt, so the feared flooding did not occur and preservation of what we enjoyed through the 4th.

    it was a charmed season. even the seamingly bad thing turned out to work in our favor.

    it has been great taking advantage of your reconasance up the canyon. servaral times it has helped me decide to plug on and deal with the canyon road or bag it and avoid the anguish.

    thank you.

  2. Craig Windhorst says:

    Thanks for the reports from afar.

  3. Michael says:

    Thanks for the post season reflections. I was hoping you would do that. I look forward to your expanded site.

    It was a great season. Unfortunately, it ended early April for me, but my knee is doing great with the rehab, and my ankle on the other leg that I screwed up protecting the knee is finally healing so I should be good to go well before next season is upon us. In any event I continued to enjoy the rest of the season vicariously right “til the end.

    Have a great summer.

  4. Jack says:

    Thanks for all the posts Dave! The only exception I would take is the description of our January weather…. It was simply nothing more than a ‘non snow’ weather event! See you in the Fall…..

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