7-04-11 by dave

There was a two Tram wait for first Tram this morning with full Trams delivering the faithful to the peak to celebrate the 4th and ski the hill with a near full snow pack in the upper elevations.  There was light rain to begin, but it backed off and the Sun tried to burn through but didn’t quite.  All the aspects were soft and workable, with no crustiness, but the supportability held up where ever you chose.  That South facing Cat Track was  fully melted off and required a down climb.  Here is a shot of the folks making their way down the scree.  That was the only glitch, except perhaps the weather, which threatened and moistened the attendees.   The shear volume of participants was astounding, with the Tram line extending all around the Plaza deck and across the skier’s bridge.  Here is a shot of that line extending right through the Pancake Breakfast and beyond.  There were full Trams going up and full Trams coming down.  It was quite an energized time I can tell you.  It is a bit sad to see it all come to another conclusion, but it is only a short while until the Cycle begins again,



with a brand new fresh coating for us to massage into base.  The wild life is enjoying the melt off as their life is back after being buried under many feet of snow.  All the little critters are digging out and scurrying around, ecstatic to begin the Summer.  The wild flowers will be coming out soon as well, so there is plenty of great times to be had at The Bird this Summer.  I will be posting from time to time with shots of the Summer season and views from the TOP!!   BE WELL ALL!!!

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  1. Eric says:

    Thanks for a great Blog Dave, it’s been a great year and it was awesome having access to your insights.

  2. M.J. says:

    Hi Dave, It was great to do another loop around the sun with you,2010-11 wont be forgotten. Thankyou for the memorys. M.J.

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