7-03-11 by dave

It was very warm this morning for first Tram, and there was a full compliment of faithful to fill it.  The South exposed Cat Track, directly off the top, has melted off and there is no more snow on the peak to mitigate the damage.  There was only a thin strip holding on on the East side, which made the descent down to the top of the Little Cloud chair problematic.  Tomorrow, this section will require a down climb unless the Cat Crew can find some more product somewhere.  Other than that the hill is holding up quite well with the off trail offering some nice lines after the traffic of the last couple of days has smoothed the Sun cups off.  Mineral Basin has a nice bump line down Lone Star all the way to the bottom, and there are numerous other lines that have been worked by ski traffic.  Just look around and you will see the white lines in sharp contrast to the surrounding dingy snow.  With these warm temps., the early runs are the best before the glop factor sets in too heavily.  The first Tram will depart at 7:30 AM in the morning to get an extra jump on the day, and accommodate the expected heavy holiday crowd, so if you plan on making the first Bucket get an earlier start.   All the exposures were  already good to go for first Tram, so there is no need to wait for the breaks now. The only firm spot I found was the Cat Track out on the Road to Provo, which was quite crispy, but broke as I moved on to the sunny part.  Going all the way to the bottom is becoming more challenging by the day, and I, personally, am taking the Tram to the bottom.  Enjoy the Sun and be sure to get an early start as the glop factor is in full effect after 10:30  AM.   Ciao!!

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