7-02-11 by dave

Another full Tram went up the first time this morning with the faithful looking for the goods.  There would be no waiting for the break to occur as it never froze to begin with.  Mineral Basin was sultry and soft, so I went looking to see if the North facing might have smoothed out a bit.  The shot under the Bookends was slow and smooth, but quite fun and not too bouncy.  Little Cloud was offering great turns off trail without waiting, so I took advantage of the early low traffic to get some of the lines I have been holding off on.  During your explorations, just be careful of some of the cracks and strange week spots out and about.  Watch near the rock out croppings, and on the flats where the streams are undermining the pack.  You will see what I mean as you move about.  Tomorrow, look for continued great skiing as the cover is quite ample to supply many variations on a theme.  Going to the bottom is still doable, though it requires walking to varying degrees, and the Tram ride down was my choice once again.  Here is a shot of Regulator from this morning, showing full cover and nice back lighting.  Here is a shot of some snow patterns I came across, but it looks likes sand.  Funny how patterns repeat in different environs.  IBBY!!



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