7-27-11 by dave

Mouintain green

The Bird is beautiful any time of year, and it is spectacular right now.  The wild flowers are beginning to come out now, so it is a perfect time to get up there and commune with them on a one to one level.  No picture can fully relate the beauty of being there.  I went up to get a nice charge from the general FIELD FORCE that I have been missing by not being there daily.  You all know what I mean, as we all get charged up every time we attend.  I took a couple of shots to share, with the upper chutes still holding snow, and Hellgate looking massive framed by the surrounding green.  The Bird is presenting free music on Saturday night from 6:00 to 8:00 PM, so perhaps go up early and make a day of it and cap it off with some high mountain tunes.  I have been having a great summer doing research and have been finding very fun material.  Time is moving so fast that it is hard to GROK, but that seems to be the way of time.  Stay tuned.   Ciao!

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  1. Jack says:

    It’s good to see where the snow is still packed in. Just might not all melt before the Fall. May we look forward to another shot or two before the snow falls again?

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