3-16-15 by dave

It was quite a bit warmer this morning, though high clouds moved in and out all day long.  There was a light freeze  in the pack, but extensive tenderizing efforts had been employed on all sides of the hill, which provided some traction for the morning session.  The off trail, before softening occurred, was very difficult and hitting the Groomers would ease the ride.  I saw numerous folks out in the crunch trying to negotiate the gnar.  Despite the warmth, the High North is still holding the cold, with only minimal damage from the ambient temps..  Interference patterns have built up more extensively as the hill gets worked, with the lines that are easily accessed getting the most traffic.  There are still some smooth lines, but they are becoming scarce.  The break went off around Noon, as the front of the hill began to soften up, offering some very nice spring like conditions.  Tomorrow, look for some partly cloudy skies, with even warmer temps. as the pattern seems solidly set up over the West.  Coverage remains very good top to bottom, though there are a few spots were there is some material spalling from the  rock faces.  It is easy to avoid, but keep an eye out on the Cat Tracks in very sparse places.  There should be an overnight freeze as was the factor today, so head for the Sun drenched lines in Mineral Basin for the morning session to get the jump on the day.  A later start will also be worth considering, as the afternoon is prime for those spring feeling lines.   Here is a shot of a Flower I encountered in the center, which seems to characterize the feel of the these unseasonably warm days.  Speed Safely!!DSC02685

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