3-15-15 by dave

It was a clear morning with little breeze, but there was still a touch of chill to the air and the snow pack had firmed up overnight.   The Grooming Crew had gone out in force early, working a fresh till on the main runs of the entire hill.  Even the front side of the hill had a nice granular feel, but with the cold still in the snow, it was very fast.  Mineral Basin was very nice  for the first hour and a half with the early morning Sun working the direct aspects quickly.  White Diamonds had been given a great buff, and as the Sun warmed that shot, the snow felt like a sweet sorbet that demanded return visits to get that steep long drop.  The off trail is still fairly difficult, however, the High North is still holding up despite the warmth, and dry chalky lines are still happening if you are looking to work a bit harder keep it tight and centered.   Here is a shot of two trees that have given up the ghost, but still stand stark against the sky.  DSC02678Tomorrow, look for the clouds that moved in today to have moved off, giving us a great morning with even warmer temps.  With this cloud cover, the break is going to go fast if the pack freezes up at all.  The Groomers will be providing the best lines of the morning, but off trail will improve as the pack warms and the consistency becomes workable.  Be sure to watch those South and West facing aspect for extreme crunchiness for the first hours of the morning.  Give Regulator a while to soften as it takes quite a while for the ambient warmth to work it’s magic.  See you there for the morning fun.  Stay Frosty!!

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  1. Rich says:

    Hey Dave,
    I saw you in the bus on the way up. What a thrill, first time up Little Cottonwood Canyon and I get to see Dave the Guru. Love your work mate!

    Rich from Sydney Australia (Down Under)

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