3-17-15 by dave

The forecast was for mostly cloudy skies today, but the cloud deck that hung over the hill had moved off for the first Tram, leaving Mineral Basin bathed in bright Sun for the morning session.  White Diamonds had been given a very nice till, which was a real treat for the morning crew, who worked that pitch into the route pattern for the morning attack.  While the Groomers were initially firm, the warm temps. and bright Sun softened the dance floor in short order.  On the front of the hill, extensive tenderizing efforts had been employed, making those prepared lines good to go, with top to bottom granularity a treat.    I was able to attain a very rare sunlit sighting of  TrenchZilla, our resident Carvasaurus Rex as he basked in the morning rays.DSC02686  There is only a 2 second window of opportunity to see the lair that he lives in.  You will have to keep a sharp eye out for this very obscure location, but it is a thrill when you finally see him in his natural habitat.   Tomorrow, look for clouds to have moved into the area ahead of a weak impulse.  With the Sun obscured, it may take quite a bit longer for the break to occur. Today, the break began around 11:00 AM and was slow to affect the North facings shots on the lower mountain.  The High North is still holding up, but those lines have widespread interference patterns, as the traffic has been working the obvious lines all week.  Look for the Groomers to be the place to be, and be sure to check the Grooming report for any surprise lines that might get the nod.  It is always a treat to get those freshly tilled lines.  Dress for a bit cooler day.  IBBY!!   P. S.  I was able to pull in a bit tighter on the cave to get a better look at this rare sighting.  DSC02687Speed Safely!!

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