3-29-11 by dave

I arrived safely from my trip through the Portal, where one travels without actually moving.  At the Bird, the faithful did not respond to the short total report, thus leaving the wide open expanses for the few who made the effort.  They were treated to Essence that brought out the HERO in each seeker, with creamy desert topping wonder.  My inside source told me tales of fresh lines left well after 2:00PM, which , as this season will attest, is unheard of.  Powder Paradise and Little Cloud opened, offering a tasty treat wall to wall.  The big mountain smooth, that has been holding up for some days, made the full charge lines good to go.  The Sun and ambient temps. began to set the product up later in the day, so the high exposure shots will have felt the damage of this time of year.  Tomorrow, look for some more flurries to move through, so keep in mind the Sun exposed shots to avoid the crusty rumble.  The Groomers will be kicking it for carvacious fun top to bottom.  This Galaxy is a long way from The Bird, but I will return soon to be among the faithful.   I will post again tomorrow, if I can get another clear Portal.   IBBY!!!

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  1. Jack says:

    actually…… the sun was obscured by 1:00 or so and the west facing higher ups (West Cirque runs around restaurant chutes and Wilbere, Keyhole fields) held up surprisingly well.

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