3-30-11 by dave

THe TRANSMISSION channel is not cleAR.  However, I was able to get some scraps of data that might be useful.  A rime ice precipitation was working the hill inside the cloud layer that hung, obscuring the visibility  both outside and inside the goggles.  That is no fun at all, except if the snow is excellent and you are motivated to charge to lines with no pressure and no hype.   Today was one of those days, where you were free to choose any line and get the goods.  The hill is still in great shape, having dodged the lion’s share of the Sun damage, though those pesky direct shots did not entirely escape the heat.  There is still plenty of big mountain smooth to keep you going direct to the fall line.  Tomorrow, look for some great Groomers to be provided for the morning high octane push, then look to the High North aspects for continued off trail lines.  The weather is going to improve, with the Sun coming out, so the snow pack will again be taking a beating as the day progresses.   I truly miss the hill, with every cell of my SPACE SUIT  screaming to get back, but soon enough!!!   I will reestablish the CHANNEL at the best opportunity.   IBBY!!!


  1. Rich Townsend says:

    Just got off the blower w/ PDK. We caught up again and he steered me here!
    Outstanding, my heart as well as so many others must run with you every day.
    It has been a long way from Tuckerman’s but only a wink of the eye
    Keep your tips up.

  2. Brett Powers says:

    love the blogs uncle dave

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